Video 6 – Import Preferences (3:51)

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7 thoughts on “Video 6 – Import Preferences (3:51)

  1. Video hung up at 1:37 minutes. Won’t play.

    1. Give it a refresh – probably a network glitch.

  2. The video hung up at 1:08. I have tried both yesterday and today but it won´t play.

    1. That’s odd – I gave it a try and just watched the whole video – no pauses, hangs, anything. If it happens again, I’d recommend click the Download Now link and trying it that way. Let me know.

  3. Hi Steve, I’m using LR on a PC. There is no “LightRoom Classic” menu item along the top. However, “Preferences” is found under “Edit”. I thought other PC users might find this helpful.

  4. HMMM? My Classic (version 9.2.1) doesn’t have the Light Room Classic tab at the top, but it does have all the other tabs . Any clues on how to make that visible?

    1. Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean – can you tell me the time in the video you’re referring to?

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