Video 7 – Source And Transfer Options (7:20)

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  1. Are you using Lightroom classic version 9.2? There seems to be some differences from your vids. I can’t change files on the left in library (import) mode but I can on my remote memory VisionTek 1TB which will immediately show up in LR.
    I can’t find a folder containing containing LR-Photos.Ircat – it’s an icon – and I can’t rename on my mini mac hard drive.
    Also when I open LR classic I get error message: the destination folder “/Volumes/My-Photos/Photos/2019/Canada is not available. Using “Pictures” folder instead.” after starting LR classic from my remote VTK hard drive.

    1. I believe it is 9.2 – I’m out of town and away from my mina computer. The problem is, without actually seeing your computer, answering these questions is nearly impossible for me.

      Not sure what you mean by can’t change files?

      Some of these files / folders could be anywhere – I’d probably start with a search of the hard drive fo res library catalog. It’s fine on the main computer drive – you don’t have to move it, BUT you do need to know where it is. Keep in mind that when you close Lightroom and it asks to backup, it usually puts the backup in the same directory as the main catalog.

      As for the missing photos, you should be able to just point Lightroom to them as described in the previous video about finding missing photos. Once Lightroom knows where they are, you can move the folders form within Lightroom to where you would like them.

  2. Help! I have been away in Costa Rica and am very excited to download my photos. Following along with your videos to do it right the first time. I successfully set up my ssd portable hard drive before I left and downloaded photos onto it. Today I get this message when I put on my card from my camera. Basically says the destination folder is not available and will use pictures folder instead. I don’t want them on my computer hard drive and I don’t know how to fix this. Thanks for any help. It worked before so not sure what is wrong.

    1. I might have figured it out. On the right hand side clicked on the ssd drive. 😊

  3. Another reason not to convert to DNG is that if you like to enter photo contests, if you are lucky enough to have a photo make it to the final round for judging, many contests do not accept DNG when they ask for a copy of the original. DNG = Automatic disqualification

    1. Thanks for the tip – I did not know that! Although, it does it makes sense.

  4. Hi Steve, I’m struggling with the course as I use Lightroom CC not Classic – so your screen and settings looks completely different to my settings.
    What should I do? Do I in fact have the same settings as you, but they are hidden in a different place?

    1. The best bet is to switch to Classic. The course is designed for Classic only and doesn’t cover Lightroom CC. You should have Classic in your subscription. It’s just so much more powerful and gives you a lot more options.

  5. I’ve decided to switch from Adobe Bridge to Lightroom and I am trying to decide whether to use dng or stay with raw. The one advantage of dng that you did not mention is the incorporation of “fast load” data in the dng. Is this a significant benefit? I find Adobe Bridge to be very slow for opening and browsing folders of images. I’m hoping Lightroom will be faster, but some reviews of Lightroom mention how slow it is. Do you have enough experience with Bridge to compare performance speed?

    1. I honestly don’t use bridge enough to give you a good answer (haven’t launched it in years).

  6. I shoot with RAW & JPG. How do I import just RAW phots?

  7. Hi Steve. All my photos are currently saved in Photos. I’ve downloaded Lightroom Classic but not yet imported any photos into the new photo file structure you have suggested. Do I now have to abandon using Photos as a cloud based back up? As I’m paying monthly for the service I would like to keep Photos as back up.

    1. My advice is to use the system that works best for you. My examples have worked well for me over the years, but that dons’t mean they are the right choice for everyone. If the setup you have works and makes sense to you then there’s no reason not to stick with it. As you’ll find later in the course, you can also sort using collections, so it’s not mandatory for sorting purposes to use folders.

  8. Steve,

    I recently bought a drone. I just noticed it is DNG format. Any different in processing if i import into Lightroom?

  9. Steve,
    in Transfer Options, what is “move” and “Add”?

    I have a lot of raw files that i never touched. How do I import them?
    1. Use “Move” if i use a new external drive for lightroom?
    2. Use “Add” if i use the same external drive for lightroom?

    1. found my answers on the bonus video.

  10. Hi Steve, re importing duplicates. I have noticed when shooting birds, even a quick burst of say 5+ images they can often look pretty much the same, even for a longer burst. However, close examination often shows a bird blinking in a frame or two. Would Lightroom detect this and treat as separate images or disregard the blinking bird?
    Thanks. I’m enjoying the series. Going over videos a few times to have it sink in. My memory card is not what it use to be 😉

    1. No worries. I think it looks at file names and creation times too.

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