Video 5 – Find Missing Photos (3:28)

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17 thoughts on “Video 5 – Find Missing Photos (3:28)

  1. I have missing files that I really want to find but cannot find any “Find File” option after right clicking on the file. I’m using Windows – any other suggestions?

    1. Wish I did – the problem is, the images could be anywhere on your system – no way to tell from here 🙂 One thought is, if you know the type of file (like .nef for instance) you could do a wildcard search in Expolorer:


      And see what it finds.

      1. What I’d really like to find is the menu with the “Find File” option. I’ll keep trying.

  2. Is there a way to show the information for a preview in lightroom? If you know the exact name of the .nef (for nikon) file eg. DSC3435.nef, then it is much easier to use the operating system’s file search to look for it.

    It might be helpful if you could show how to a. find the file name and b. use the search for Mac and Windows to find the file.

    1. If I understand you correctly, yes. See the Grid View video 1.

  3. hi Steve , for this lesson, all I get is 5 secs of your voice and then spinning wheel… for the last 20 minutes.. its frustrating. I’m on 100MBps download speed, can you please check the server end please?


    1. May be network traffic – we host he videos with Vimeo, so it’s a very robust digital infrastructure. The majority of times when this happens, a refresh or just coming back in a bit seems to fix it. Worst case, I’d recommend downloading the video itself – no buffering that way 🙂

  4. It seems that the “Find Missing File” option requires me to know where it and tell Lightroom.
    Lightroom itself isn’t doing the finding.

    1. Sadly, this is true. When Lightroom can’t find the file, it’s basically asking you for help.

  5. I have noticed that my catalog version has changed from eg 3.2 to 3.3. With the consequence that I have different folders in different catalog versions. How can I avoid this and how can I easily get all the folders in one catalog version?

    1. We actually talk about most of that in the “Laptop on the road” video. Watch that one and it will show you how to merge catalogs – and Lightroom will prompt you if you need to update a catalog. (It’s an automatic process, no worries).

  6. Hi Steve, I’ve been successfully watching videos 1 to 4 on my laptop but when trying to watch video 5 how Lightroom looses photo’s all I’m getting is the annoying circle going round and round, tried to refresh but still happening. Have tried vid 6 and same thing happens. Can watch OK on my phone but would rather watch on a larger screen. Tia Bryan

  7. Hi Steve, I understand the ‘find missing file’ protocol and that is good info. Would like to let you know that upon moving LRcc to my new SSD drive I noticed that many photos ended up in the wrong folder. I have managed to go through and put images in their proper folder. Just thought I would let you know in case you hear same from others.
    Also it might be worth mentioning that if you have presets for exporting images on your new external drive into say, an email format prior to sending the email, that the PATH that leads to the preset folder needs to be updated in order for LRcc to find the preset Folder.

    I hope that I explained this in a manner that you can understand 😉

    1. Thanks Dale. So far, I haven’t really run across anyone with problems, but there are so many configurations out there, you never know…

  8. Hi,

    Finally getting around to this.
    I have a lot of photos that have crazy long file names.

    Yikes !

    A couple things.
    How does this happen?
    Can I clean it up ?

    1. Looks like you had a custom file name template you used to import. You can fix it for sure if you like (although, I personally don’t worry too much about long file names). I know I cover renaming in this course – pretty sure it’s video 22 – the metadata video.

      1. Thanks. Not sure how a custom template was set up. But in any case, thanks for the reassurance and I’ll get to the metadata video soon.

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