John Oliver Cabin – Field Demo

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5 thoughts on “John Oliver Cabin – Field Demo

  1. Wow! I am completely floored by the simplicity of this. I never knew this was in my camera’s setting. You see, I’ve been doing this manually by literally picking each focus throughout the scene I’m shooting. It’s painstaking. And sometimes you don’t always get the overlap that’s desired. This is a game changer in my arsenal. Thank you Steve! For if I hadn’t seen your email, I’d still be struggling. I do however have one quick question: Nikon D850 …. could you please explain the exposure smoothing? On or Off? And why either way? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  2. Why did you now ( Cabin ) not use the lens hood ?

    1. Honestly, I couldn’t find it before we left for the trip. I’ve found it since 🙂

      Still, for that shot it wasn’t needed – no light direct point light hitting the front of the lens.

  3. It’s amazing. I’m a Fujifilm user and I dared buying your course after seeing its introduction. The system is exactly the same with Fuji cameras. Just the name is different, focus bracketing, and it has an automatic function allowing you to focus on the nearest and farthest points so the camera automatically calculates the needed number of shots and step width. Other minor differences are that the Fuji menu is not including the “First-frame exposure lock”, the “Peaking stack image” (which I like very much!) and “Silent photography” which, anyway, isn’t a big problem being a mirrorless camera. But, all in all, you should know, and maybe communicate, that Fujifilm photographers can benefit from the course the same as Nikon photographers.

    1. Awesome – thanks for letting me know. While I won’t advertise it on the main product page (you have to be careful), I will share your info with any Fuji shooters who ask. Thanks!!

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