Flower – Field Demo

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14 thoughts on “Flower – Field Demo

  1. Which lens were you using?

    1. In this video it’s the 105 macro (AF-S)

  2. Steve, what’s the make and model of the shoe mount external monitor you’re using? Is this an Atomos Shinobi display?

    1. It’s a Ninja V 🙂

      I only use it for screen recording though – I don’t use it when I’m out stacking and not doing a demo 😀

  3. Hi Steve! I am having a great time going through your video. I have a question: When photographing a flower or any other non-animal subject why can’t we use, say, a very thin ruler or any other gizmo easy to set focus on and set it just in front of the first area of focus needed so we get a few slices of focus in front of the critical focus to insure we are not missing that first part of the subject. With some flowers, such as the one you used for demonstration it may also cut the time it takes to unsure correct focus. ??

    1. You could, but keep in mind showing you how I do it takes substantially longer than actually doing it 🙂 In the field, I get focus set almost instantly – it would literally take me longer to reach over to my bag to grab a target than it does to just set it as shown.

  4. What memory card would you recommend using with a Nikon D850 for focus shift shooting? I imagine if you are doing a hundred shots, or so, the memory buffer would quickly fill up and the process would slow down dramatically. Am I correct to assume this? Would the process of photo shifting be faster with a qxd card, as opposed to a regular sd card, or is there another bottleneck that keeps the process slow?

    1. I typically use a CF express and have never had an issue. The thing is, it’s not running at full frame rate. I think the D850 takes a shot once every 0.5~1 second or so.

  5. Hi Steve, great tutorial, successfully tried the process several times and then suddenly Z5 is going through preparation but then only taking one image, camera on AF, and I am unaware that I changed any setting between the successful trials and the unsuccessful ones.
    Regards Malcolm

    1. I wish I had an answer for this. I had someone else tell me their Z5 refused to work for focus shift shooting too. If it says “preparing” and it’s going through the stack, there may be something wrong with the camera. However, there is a slight chance that if you are already close to infinity (especially with a wide lens) that you only need a single shot to pull it off so the camera just takes the one image. Best way to test is to focus close, wide F/stop, and try it that way.

  6. Steve, your tutorials are just awesome! Hats off to you.

  7. Wonderfully clear tutorial. Great video. Thank you! Just awesome!

  8. Hi Steve, when I start my focus stacking in my D780, and it goes through all the shots required, my live view stays black. Is there something I need to do to get the live view to turn on after the sequence is completed. Thanks and your course is very good. I have learn quite a bit from it.

    1. That’s odd – it’s normal for the LCD to go black durning the sequence, but it usually returns to normal afterward. Maybe it just needs a half-press of the shutter. I don’t have a D780 to test or I would see for sure. You may want to ask at the BCG Forums – someone there may have a D780 that can double-check and see if it’s normal for it to act that way.

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