Video 27 – Painter Tool (6:13)

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7 thoughts on “Video 27 – Painter Tool (6:13)

  1. I was not able to download this Chapter.

    1. Sorry about that – give it another try. There was a problem with the linked file.

      1. worked, thank you

  2. The forward link here goes to video 29 and not Video 28

    1. Hi Mike – Thats’ odd – I just checked and it went to 28 as expected.

  3. Hi Steve – I was talking about the blue left and right arrow options above – the right hand arrow goes to Video 29 wheras in all your other videos it goes to the next one in sequence. It’s not a problem as you blue ‘next unit’ does go to Video 28 as you say. Really enjoying these videos – very professionally produced and thought out. Excellent!

  4. I have the same issue as Mick D. which is that when I click the forward link it skips over video 28 and goes to video 29.

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