Video 29 – Library Filter (21:42)

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  1. Hi Steve, sorry I haven’t been leaving my feedback as I’ve been going through the course, so as I approach the end I just want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this! This was a mammoth task I am sure, but you should be proud of it as there are not many teachers with as much patience and clear knowledge out there as good as you. I have been following you for a few years and got all your books and vids, but this LR has changed everything for me. I wrote to you a while back asking about the move from Aperture to LR or other Editing software. You replied very quickly, which was not even expected guessing how much correspondence you must get, and obviously, being very diplomatic and not wanting to recommend any specific brand, you could only offer your own decision of going with an industry leader, which is Adobe. There is much to criticise about these big corporate brands, but sometimes we are backed into a corner. So, for all the criticism Adobe does get, it was the correct choice for me to go with the LR and PS Classic monthly package. BUT that was only true for me because I felt comfortable with your non partisan answer and was confident of your ability and assistance from the beginning. You helped me make the right choice and and for that I thank you. I look forward, but am sad, to be coming to the end of the course, and can only hope that you are working on a follow up with the Develop Module to get me and thousands of others to the next stage. Stay safe and take care. All the best, Ray from London.

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