Video 26 – View Options (34:47)

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5 thoughts on “Video 26 – View Options (34:47)

  1. These videos are awesome. I wish I could also zoom in survey mode, rather than just in compare mode.

  2. Really great stuff, but SLOW DOWN

  3. Thank you for these videos. They are great. I have not started to use all of the capabilities you have shown, but now at least I know what is available. As I go forward I can implement those that are of use to me.

  4. Hi Steve, a question: at 16:49 min of the video, you are talking of another method for looking at some part of your photos for comparison, instead of using Lock Zoom Position method. I have some difficulties to understand the words…behaviour something???
    Can you explain please?

    Thank you very much; have a nice afternoon.


  5. Sorry for my previous reply; I just realize what you mean with the X/Y tool to compare views, which answers my previous question.

    French speaking and managing to understand most of your videos…

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