Video 23 – Library Grid Part 1 (27:05)

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7 thoughts on “Video 23 – Library Grid Part 1 (27:05)

  1. Hey Steve. Love the videos. Re thumbnails. I have a number of thumbnails in grid view that do not contain any image nor filename. They don’t open to any image in Loupe view either. I can’t seem to delete them in any way and I can’t find them in Windows File Explorer. This issue had only realised itself in recent months since , I think, my last update. Any advice please?

    1. Wish I knew – Lightroom will do that sometimes if it doesn’t recognize the photo format, but I’m not sure why it won’t let you remove them. I hate to say it, but this is one you should probably ask Adobe.

      1. Ahhh .. I knew you would say that Steve … never mind. At least you have experienced that problem also.
        I hope you are keeping up with all your endeavours. The quality and clarity of your pics are amazing.
        Keep making the videos and I’ll keep buying them.
        Steve P (Australia)

  2. OK. I guess the problem I’m having is only answerable by Adobe but..
    Set for Common Photo Settings but has no effect on showing the camera settings.

  3. Do not ring Adobe support. It reminds me of my ARES radio days with weak and distorted signals. I feel sad for the operators.

  4. If you arrange photos manually in Grid View and then export them, can you have them end up in the designated folder in the same order?

    1. I don’t think so – folder and file order is determined more by the computer than by whatever software wrote the files.

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