Video 22 – Metadata Panel (40:54)

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13 thoughts on “Video 22 – Metadata Panel (40:54)

  1. One minute of video 22 (@roughly 10 min) was worth the $30 to me, I am dealing with roughly 8K scans of family slides and negatives that my daughter scanned for me that are organized by the scanning session in folders like this D:\Slide Image Files\Scan 1\Virgin Islands ’67\AUG 67 R2\slide 1.tif.
    I stuff these into collections to collate them eventually resulting in a useable hierarchy. Problem is there is a Scan 2 with a file named slide 1A. Merging these collection shuffles them so slide 1A follows slide 1 if I sort by file name. Somehow the EXIF data on these image doesn’t read off the slide so capture time does not work.
    I didn’t know how to rename the files after import until you clicked on the hamburger and it said “Batch Rename”.
    You are my hero of the day! Thanks!!!

  2. You mentioned in one of the videos, this one, I think, that you can collapse photos for which you have made a virtual copy into the main image to make culling and editing more convenient. I can’t find that place in the workshop. Could you help me out? I should have been taking notes. The volume of material is overwhelming, mostly in a good way, and there are so many tips that I can’t remember many of them.

    1. The tip is under the Stacking video 🙂 However, to save you the trip, just right-click the little box with the number in it for the expanding and collapsing options.

  3. Steve,
    After watching your excellent video program, I have dedicated myself to resume organizing in LR after a long hiatus. I will do it in Classic which is part of my Adobe photography CC plan. An update came through a couple days ago from Adobe describing LR 2020, which is cloud-based and appears to emphasize mobile devices. It appears totally different from any version of LR I have seen. Is this an indication that they are moving away from the traditional approach?

    1. Nope, they just have two versions. One for mobile and one for desktop. Lightroom Classic is the current desktop version and was actually updated about a month or so ago I think.

  4. I am trying to remove my address from my contact info as you suggested. I have tried editing my copyright preset, synching, autosynching, copy & pasting. Nothing seems to delete the address other than doing it individually on each image. What am I missing here?

    1. Hi Rick, I had the same problem, then found that you can:
      1. Edit the contact info on one image, to remove the address, etc.
      2. Select multiple images, with the target being the one you edited.
      3. Do an Auto-Sync of the metadata, and select the blank fields — they will show up as red because they are blank.

      1. Oops, hit the wrong key…
        4. Make sure nothing else is checked.
        5. Click the Synchronize button.
        The rest of the images will have the address, etc. removed from the Contact info.

        1. Thanks, that worked. Appreciate the help

  5. Hey Steve,
    Your videos are eye opening. I have one concern about Copyrights. Are there specials steps that need to be followed to “copyright” my pictures? Or does just showing that I’m copyrighting them in metadata take care of that?

  6. I do a lot of bird photography and I’ve got a keyboard taxonomy/hierarchy of birds, so I keyword them all. Later when I select several to export for Flickr or my website – I’d like to just copy the keyword(s) to be the title in the metadata. Do you know of a way to do this?

    1. You can try making a custom preset for export – one of the options is actually for keywords, I think that should do it. See the exporting video first, then give it a shot 🙂

  7. Just what I needed ! I’ve got some crazy long file names ( which annoy me mote than anything), so I can clean this up…

    Thanks !

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