Video 24 Library Gird Part 2 (20:41)

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4 thoughts on “Video 24 Library Gird Part 2 (20:41)

  1. Hi Steve – in Windows, the keyboard shortcut for delete rejected is CTRL + Backspace, not CTRL + Delete.
    Love the videos!!

  2. I Steve,
    I am very impressed by the quality of your videos; imagine, I have been trained at school on Lightroom last month with only three hours allocated to the library Module! With your videos, I definitely discover all the peculiarities of this module and how they are useful in my photos management.

    A question: a detail in your video: when you have selected an image, the arrow of the mouse is showing the ISO value of this image; very useful; how to do that?


    1. Christian look here for your answer:

      Best regards,

  3. Hi Steve
    You told that the short cuts are listed under this video, can’t find them

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