Video 21 – Keyword List Panel (36:12)

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14 thoughts on “Video 21 – Keyword List Panel (36:12)

  1. Steve,

    All your videos in this series are excellent. I love how thorough you are with every feature, and how you share your workflow tips and other knowledge based on your deep experience with Lightroom. You have pertinent examples, a concise narrative and great animation to explain concepts. Your diction is so clear that a viewer can watch the videos at normal speed or even 2x and still hear every word.

    I have been looking forward to the “keyword” units in particular and these are definitely my favourites so far. As a new user of Lightroom, this is going to save me a ton of time and make organizing my images so much more enjoyable.


  2. Does it matter whether your keywords are singular or plural? Suppose for example you had “wood duck” as a keyword, but did a keyword search for “wood ducks” Would the search show the images labeled with “wood duck” as a keyword? If I’m using the singular as the keyword, should I list the plural as a synonym?

    1. It depends how you search. You can tell Lightroom to do whole or partial matches. If you only do whole word matches, you’ll need both singular and plural.

  3. Steve,
    Like so many of your followers, I find your videos and e-books to be incredibly helpful. Thank you for all you do for the photography community!
    I may have missed this but if you mistakenly move a keyword to be within a higher level keyword and you want to restore it to its original, non-hierarchical level, how do you do this?

    1. Thanks Todd –

      And you shovel be able to drag and drop it back to the top of the hierarchy where it will fall back into place. Note you can’t just drag it left – you have to drag it to the top.

  4. Great info as usual !
    One question though.
    Why rename folders as outlined in an earlier video instead of just using keywords?

    1. I do it for my own organization and also to show you all the options. I know that the way I do things doesn’t work for everyone, so I like to give every option. 🙂

      1. Thanks ! Makes perfect sense …god to know, as always …

  5. As always, great videos. Regarding reorganizing many keywords that have already been entered, having many keywords from years of use, into a hierarchy, could you explain how to perform that instead of dragging and dropping. I have just found out the you can use ‘<' to move a keyword under another keyword when editing keywords. Example: cartoon < humor – cartoon is now under humor. Are there other ways to create/alter the hierarchy when actually entering/reviewing keywords?
    Thanks as always. Can't wait for the Develop videos!!!!

    1. Actually, that’s a new one to me!

      The thing is, Lightroom has literally hundreds of little shortcuts like that, tough to know them all! As far as I know, drag & drop and the shortcut you just mentioned are the only ways. If other stuff comes up, I’ll add it to this page.

      1. Found this one by a typo. Thanks.

  6. As someone who’s a control freak for his keywords (since it helps my photos online on services like Flickr, for example), this video alone was worth this workshop’s price. Especially now that I shoot more wildlife and get to tag my photos with the English name of the species, the scientific (Latin) name and its Italian equivalent, these tips will save me so much time! Not to mention how hierarchies make the list finally somewhat nice and compact.
    Great stuff Steve, combining the tricks from this video, one can really leverage the power of Lightroom’s keyword options and save time, while making sure the photos are ordered as expected.

    Just wanted to stop by and say how much I’m enjoying this series of videos and thought this one specifically blew my mind numerous times.

    1. Thank you so much!

  7. Wow, I’ve been using LR for over 10 years, back when you got a CD. I learned so much that I didn’t know with this great course, well worth it if you take LR seriously. I’ve used a couple of your e-books before which were very good. After this course I’m getting the bird one, I’m sure I’ll pick up plenty of things I didn’t know. Thanks for the professional grade courses, Steve.


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