Video 16 – Catalog And Folder Panels (27:32)

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3 thoughts on “Video 16 – Catalog And Folder Panels (27:32)

  1. Even though most of what you’ve showed is intuitive, this is such a fantastic overview. Lots of hidden functions like show in show photo’s in subfolder. Great set of videos.

  2. Steve,
    This is an amazing training series. I’ve taken trainings before but this is so well explained in bits sized segments that can be reviewed that all other trainings pale in comparison. Not only are you a gifted, highly knowledgable and skilled photographer, but a an outstanding teacher/communicator as well. The short tour to Costa Rica that I took with you last year confirms that you are making a great contribution to the field of photography both now and for the future. Thank You…

  3. Does the Parent Photo folder in drive 1 and drive 2 the same?

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