Video 15 – Navigator Panel (12:59)

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9 thoughts on “Video 15 – Navigator Panel (12:59)

  1. Steve, your navigator panel is much larger relative to the grid images than what I see in my Library module. Is there a way to resize it that I’m just not seeing?

    1. See Video 14 – I pulled out the sides and made the panels as large as possible for the examples. It may also have to do with relative screen size (I’m on a 27″ monitor).

      1. When I expand the left side panel, the navigator image stays exactly the same size — it just has more space around it. I’m also on a 27″ monitor.

        1. Problem solved: I changed the Windows display scaling settings on my computer from the recommended 150% to 200%. Now my Navigator image size relative to the grid images is the same as shown in your video.

  2. Steve, fabulous videos. I find them extremely useful.

    There is a minor issue on this video. The way you describe the shortcut for zooming in misled me. I’m using Windows version of LR and when I first tried Ctrl++ it did not work. I was using the plus key in the numeric keypad. But describing the keystroke as Ctrl+ (instead of using the more standard notation of Ctrl++) is misleading. The correct description would be Ctrl+=, which would be vocalized as “Control Equal”, which is also how Adobe describes it on their shortcuts page.

  3. THE best Lightroom course on the market. I work with it about 2 years. First with the on line version, but you made me switch to CC. English is not my mother language, but the videos are so clear it makes it a piece of cake. Finally I use all options available or at least I know what is possible. I surely hope you also make a workshop on all the other Lightroom options.. my subscription you already have. Thanks Steve. Best regards JAN

    1. Thank you!!

  4. Hi Steve! Thank you for the great videos. Relating to the Lightroom Navigator panel: Is there a keyboard shortcut for “FIT”? I know I can click it with the mouse, but would love to be able to hit a key to fit to the window.

    1. I’m not sure if there is one specially for “FIT” but you can toggle between fit / zoom with the spacebar.

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