Video 17 – Collection Part 1 (30:53)

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8 thoughts on “Video 17 – Collection Part 1 (30:53)

  1. Superb! I’ve always stayed away from collections but this has motivated me to use them.
    A good bit of my work is in aviation and this will be such a benefit to have the same image in a collection for Airline (British Airways, United etc) and also a collection by Type (Boeing, Airbus etc).
    Guess you’ve been expecting this next question: When will a series on the Develop Module be ready?
    Excellent work Steve!

    1. Would like to see a Develop module course as well!

  2. This was my Eureka moment stage in the fantastic tutorials.

    Firstly thanks for all of your youtube videos, and your e-books I have purchased from you, as you have helped me learn a lot over the last few years from them and I am very much grateful.

    I have been photographing my local wildlife mainly birds over the last few years, and using lightroom all this time. I have been adding photos to lightroom since 2017 into folders by year folders /month & week folders but had not realised the potential of the collections until this video, (and the paint tool to add keywords btw is awesome).

    ….so now to add all those photos to collections of Kingfishers, Marsh Harriers, Songbirds etc etc etc from the last few years, and onwards from then easily adding to those collections every week from my new birding shoots.

    I am so looking forward to seeing my bird photos properly sorted into species collections. Now i understand better that it is referenced and not duplicating images and hard drive space, something I simply and stupidly didn’t understand and steered away from using collections from not understanding how they were working, I know, and thanks to you again.

    Really looking forward to the Developer tutorials which I would happily pre-order.

    Many thanks for all your help.
    ..( & cheekiness.. If you ever get time to look, you have helped shape both my learning and my photography, & my images are on flickr/instagram under @GadgetGaz_Photo 😉 ..can’t thank you enough, you are awesome)

  3. After 8 years of using LR, I never ventured into the mystery of Collections. Thank you, Steve, for making it so clear to understand how to use collections to my advantage. Time to start re-organising 🙂

  4. My folders do not turn blue, when I drag something into them. Is there a place where it can be activated?
    I am enjoying your excellent videos.
    Best reards Johan

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve never had to turn it on before. Might be something to ask Adobe.

  5. I concur with the above but say you wish to fine-tune an image in LR do I assume this change to XMP carries through from folders to collections and the reverse. In short, if I adjusted the Pacific Baza in your video (or similar Raptor) does it matter where adjustments are made?

    1. Nope – the collection image is just a reference. If you adjust it, you’re adjusting the image it’s pointing to.

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