Video 14 – Library Module Workspace (13:58)

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9 thoughts on “Video 14 – Library Module Workspace (13:58)

  1. I’ve been using Lightroom for a while but never knew about Lights Out! Thanks for this great series of videos.

  2. Very nice! Great tutorial, Steve.

    This is out of place here, but nonetheless, I’d love it if you or anyone else here could tell me how to export a photo as a jpeg, but WITH the basic EXIF data ON the face of the photo?! I’d settle for it looking just like the overlay looks in the Develop module (after hitting ‘i’ for example). Makes sense that LR doesn’t easily allow me to do this on Export?? Am I just missing it? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Kip – You and I both. I have no idea how to do it, never have run across it. Maybe someone knows – I’ll keep an eye out too, but I just don’t think Lightroom does it.

  3. Steve, this is a very useful video! the shift-tab and tab toggle is so useful! plus the Lights out shortcut. Makes life so much easier now when culling the pics. Thanks heaps!!

  4. Steve, have a question about lights out. Using two monitors, iMac on the right and full RGB monitor on the left. With Lightroom on the left when I use lights out the right display (iMac) dims. If I move Lightroom to the right display it works correctly. I have set preferences to designate the right display as the secondary window with no apparent difference. Any suggestions?
    Excellent series, thanks!

    1. That’s odd – I just tried it on my iMac and second monitor and same strange results! Apparently it only works properly on the primary monitor, at least with an iMac. Maybe it’s a bug. I’m surprised I’v not come across it before, but I never use my smaller monitor for sorting.

  5. I am highly impressed with your video classes. I have been using LR since the first one came out. I am sure most would say to me “you should really know all of this by now”. I do know a lot by trial and error, I have tried books (even with pictures), slide shows etc.; none are as good as this one you have done. One thing I really like, you explain things in detail and do not assume the student already knows . I hope you do a develop module class and a Photo Shop class or classes. I could really use a Photo Shop series of classes,
    and I am sure many others share my hope that you provide one.
    Thank you,

    1. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 There will be a develop module class for sure.

  6. One shortcut that many may not be aware of is the limit on the left column width. I found it annoying I could not read wide or deeply nested directory names until I discovered the width can be extended beyond the dragged max width by holding down the ALT key when widening the column.

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