Bonus Video – Culling And Sorting A Shoot (1:01:35)

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32 thoughts on “Bonus Video – Culling And Sorting A Shoot (1:01:35)

  1. Do you have some sort of designation (flag, keyword etc) for a file that you have completed your post processing on? Thanks

  2. Hello Steve,
    Just completed the whole course.
    It was often an eyeopener for me. Thought I knew Lightroom but after I followed all episodes I realized it was only a fraction… Thank you and I am curious to see the Develope mode course (and I hope it will not last long!
    Excuse my bad English…
    Thanks again

    1. Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks Steve, I am really enjoying the series, lots of tips and shortcuts.

  4. What a great series. At first, I thought why would I need to purchase this class but after taking it I realized how much more powerful the Library module is in LR. This class is a must for everyone using LR, Thanks for making it.


    1. Hi Bob –

      Thanks for the kind words!

      If you don’t mind, could you put your review on the page below? (you’ll have to scroll down to see the input box)

      Thanks again!

  5. I thought I knew a lot about lightroom and you proved me wrong. I enjoyed the course tremendously and look forward to the Develop module that I hope you are developing.

    1. Thanks John!

      If you don’t mind, would you consider putting your thoughts on the review page below? (You have to scroll down to get to the “review” box.


  6. For anyone using Lightroom, this course is a must have. Steve explains the material in a very easy way to follow. I have only been using a small percentage of what Lightroom could do. Thanks to Steve, I can now use Lightroom in the way it was intended to be used.

    1. Thanks so much! If you don’t mind, can you put your review at the page below? (You have to scroll down to see the box). I’d really appreciate it – thanks again!

  7. Just completed video series. It was great for someone that is getting started with Lightroom. I will refer back to video series as a reference to the Lightroom Library Module. Can not wait till the Develop Module series is available.

    Thanks Steve.

  8. Steve,
    Thank you for the Circle B site in Fl. it was worth the trip.
    I am back home now and I tried to visit some of the LR videos and all of them are a green screen with sound and no video. What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you,
    Octavio Tejeda

    1. That’s odd – I just checked a few and everything looks normal. Did you download them to your computer or are you watching them via the website? If you downloaded them, problaby need to redownload – something went wrong. If it was thought the website, the server may have been having an issue.

  9. Hey Steve – Great as always. I am over the moon thhrilled that I got to see how you cull pictures, especially wildlife. This will save me hours! Two questions. If I have edited down/developed a group of images in LR on one computer what is the best way to move them to another? And, do you recommend a tutorial on Develop while we wait for yours?



    1. Thanks!
      There are a few ways to get the catalogs together. I think the easier may be to export the entire catalog as a new Lightroom catalog onto an external hard drive and then follow the instructions in the Laptop on the road video for merging the catalogs together.

  10. Thank you very much Steve for this enlightening course. I just finished it. Although I have used Lightroom for more than 5 years, I learned a lot of new features and tricks. The same happened to me with your books on Autofocus and Exposure for Nikon cameras. I am looking forward to a new course about Lightroom Development Module.

  11. I learned a lot about LR capabilities / processing and identified a lot of “bad” time consuming processes I currently use.

    Now I have to modify/change the “bad” time consuming processes that I had developed and start using some of the capabilities you identified and I expect a great time saving in processing photos after the relearning is done.

    Thank you for our time and effort.

  12. Hi Steve,
    When do you think your editing course will be available?
    Thank you

    1. Good question 🙂 I’m really not sure. These video courses are incredibly difficult to do (you can’t imagine the number of retakes because I forgot to mention something or tripped over of word, or figure out a way to be more clear with an explanation), so I’m currently working on the Z series AF book 🙂 I just wasn’t ready to dive into another 10+ hour series. Once the AF book is done, I’ll be turning my attention back to Lightroom. I hope to have the book out by late May, early June. Not sure how long it will take to get the Develop module done after that – I’m more interested in good content than rushing.

      1. Thank you Steve
        Really looking forward to the next module!

        Now I will start reading my new BIF book I just recently purchased from you. 😀

  13. Thanks for these videos Steve. Most of the items you talked about I are ready know / use, but I did pick up some new tricks and tricks that can be implemented in my workflow. The most useful tip for me was using a laptop and merging the catalogs, I have always been moving around my primary catalog from the laptop to desktop and visa versa.

    I am looking forward to editing part of this video workshop.

    Best regards,


  14. Steve –
    Just finished the course and I am very impressed with the organization and presentation of the material. I’ve used LR for almost 5 years and these videos increased my understanding of several concepts and provided many excellent tips for more efficient use of the library module. I will certainly be revisiting some of the videos for further clarification when the need arises. The table of contents will definitely facilitate navigating through the various topics.

    It’s obvious that a lot of time, attention to detail and LR experience went into the design of the course. Looking forward to the Develop Module course.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. They do take a LOT of time to put together!

  15. Excellent course! I worked through the course slowly to allow time to practice what I learned. I’ve been using LR for 3 years. Previously, I carefully read a very good book on LR by the “Lightroom Queen” which clearly helped. I’ve also taken another video course. However, your course was definitely the easiest to follow and I learned the most from your very practical and easy-to-follow recommendations and demonstrations.

  16. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for a brilliant course. I have learnt so much about LR which I never knew could be done. Yes, I’ve had to spread out the learning from March until now because of all the other things that happen in life. However, it is very easy to pick up as and when even though there were often long gaps between looking at the videos. You are an excellent presenter and tutor. Looking forward to the other LR modules and hopefully Photoshop. Have just bought your Focus Shift Workshop so that should keep me entertained until the next LR workshop! Thanks again.

  17. Hi Steve
    I decided to move to Lightroom and wanted to reassess all my photos. However I was daunted by the prospect of reviewing all photos, grading them etc and when completed, re-developing them.
    Previously I had purchased some of your books and so buying this course was a no brainer. I am no longer putting off the task ahead and maybe even relishing it a bit.
    I think maybe you are under selling yourself and the ability to teach with the price you charged.
    I am looking forward to the develop course

  18. Excellent course. Looking forward to the next one on Lightroom.

  19. I like all your courses Steve. This one was most beneficial to me. Your explanations were clean, and very understandable. If, you can, please consider an editing course in Lightroom also. I just can’t wait for that.
    My tremendous thanks to you.

  20. Great info through out all your ebooks and videos I wish I could spend the amount of time you have put into writing these books actually learning all these techniques. Truly a massive undertaking and have to be one of the best bargains out there, very much appreciated. I have a question for you and maybe it would be a subject for a short video. I have been involved in photography from an early age but when I started in the digital world it was just to take snapshots but a few years ago I acquired a D7200 recently added a D750 I had been using the Nikon software and recently decided to move up to Lightroom. My question is what would you suggest as the best way to bring the now thousands of photos that I have now into Lightroom.

    Thanks again for all your efforts.
    John Bowen

  21. Excellent course! Presented so that it was very easy to follow and understand. You are an excellent teacher. Thank you. Looking forward to more lessons/instructions.

  22. I am in the process of getting ready to transition to Lightroom/Photoshop after using other photo editors and appreciate having your course on the Lightroom Library Module. Like your other video tutorials that I have viewed these videos are clear, concise and thorough and should make my transition to Lightroom easier. Are you planning on completing a similar tutorial on the Lightroom Develop Module? I hope so.

  23. Thank you so much for putting this LR instructional program together. Being an older guy, I now feel like I have a much better handle on importing and handling files. Looking forward to the development course. I have to say, I have bought many of your products and they are all done in a professional way. Let me give it a rating ***** 😉

    Thank You,
    Michael Butler

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