Bonus Video – Import Quick Start (14:17)

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3 thoughts on “Bonus Video – Import Quick Start (14:17)

  1. With a memory card why not go directly to the 101NZ_7 folder and uncheck “include subfolders” is there any advantage to having it nested in the DCIM folder? What is the Misc and Nikon folder anyway, they are always created and always empty (I’m a Z7 guy too). If you import this way will you have the DCIM folder and then the 101NZ_7 folder inside it on your drive? Thanks!

    1. You can do it anyway you like – doesn’t really matter, as long as you have the photos 🙂 Note sure what the extra Misc folder is for – it’s always empty on mine too! As for import folder structure, I’d recommend the Destination Folder video for that one – I cover it in detail. In fact, I highly recommend going through the entire import video series other than just the quick start – it answers a lot more questions.

  2. How about importing preset? In this demonstration, import preset is not used. No need?

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