Video 28 – People And Face Recognition (15:03)

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3 thoughts on “Video 28 – People And Face Recognition (15:03)

  1. Hey this feature is way cool! A while back I digitized my Mom’s old slides (mostly sent them off to a service) and now I’m finally getting to keyword the people. Super helpful to let the program id the faces! Wow. I was worried about the same people as kids versus adults, but the algorithm seems to weight the most recent photos I’ve tagged, so going in chron order helps. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Have been using this but not in the way you describe – just doing one at a time with the draw face region box.. This is much easier and faster, thank you. Bet LR will still get confused with my son’s 7 children especially the 5 boys, two of whom are identical twins and all are very alike. Takes a while to keyword these photos.

    1. LOL – yeah, I’ll bet the twins throw it for sure – let me know, I’m curious 🙂

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