Gray Tree Frog – Field Demo

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10 thoughts on “Gray Tree Frog – Field Demo

  1. Maybe you cover this later, but before I forget…
    I see the focus point was bottom-right; not where I was expecting it (on the frog’s toe or just in front).
    Because you manually focused, does where the focus point is irrelevant?

    1. Yes, it’s because I’m manually focusing and using peaking / magnification. With that method, I don’t care where the AF point is (it’s where it was in the video to help keep it out of the way 🙂 )

      1. I know we are a few years out but the Focus Point will determine where the run of images will start if the menu is set to ‘Focus’, right? If you/me manually change the focus, won’t the camera refocus when taking that first image? If I have the camera set to ‘release’ it will start capturing from the manual focus point, correct?

        1. Sorry for the delay. The camera will start wherever the lens is focused. If you use the AF point and then don’t touch the lens, then it will start from there. However, if you adjust focus, it will start from wherever you focused manually.

  2. what was your metering was it spot or matrix.

    1. It was spot (on accident). It actually doesn’t matter though if you’re using the histogram like I do. The histogram looks at the entire image.

  3. Thanks Steve for getting back so quickly. Tom

  4. Out of curiosity, what lens were you using in this shot?

    1. It was the 105 macro – the new AF-S version.

      1. Since you are up to F9 already is it a consideration to use a TC 1.4x on the 105 mmF2.8 lens and create a bit more distance between your gear and the subject. That could help in less frightining them off isn’t it?
        Great video’s. So many usefull tips!
        Thanks, Ed

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