Intro To Field Demos And Post Processing – Please Read Before Continuing!

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4 thoughts on “Intro To Field Demos And Post Processing – Please Read Before Continuing!

  1. I really appreciate the videos. You leave no stone unturned. I noted your reference to using a good tripod and ball head to maintain accuracy and steadiness. I recently switched from my Induro BDH-2 ball head to a video head (Manfrotto 502AH) for my D850. The difference in weight is negligible compared to the smoothness, ease of movement, and video head strength. I thought the video head might present some limitations concerning the range of motion. Properly mounted, the video head is just as flexible. No more ball heads for me! Especially for doing panoramas, it is like a day and night improvement.

  2. Hi Steve great course just starting. Question re Menu option for “Focus Shift Shooting” I am using the D850, It shows as “off” then I say OK and goes Into options for setting up. I assume this means it is now “On” but it never realy changes to “On”. Is this right or am I missing something ?

    1. Hi Larry –

      It’s weird how Nikon does it – it always says off. When you hit Start from within the menu it starts, but you never actually see it “on” – like I say weird…

  3. Hi Steve,
    I’m doing something wrong. I’ve tried this several times. The first time, it worked. All subsequent tries have been failures. I only see a single image: my hand in front of the lens for a new sequence. It does not take any other images. I’m using a Z6, with a Nikkor AF-S lens.
    I can hear some clicks, but I can’t get any images beyond the first. Any idea as to what I’m doing wrong?


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