Bonus Video – Backups (5:16)

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6 thoughts on “Bonus Video – Backups (5:16)

  1. Good morning Steve from Suffolk, England,

    Read your email advertising the LR course at the weekend, bought it and obviously now at this Bonus video. This is brilliant so far (and I’m sure it will be all the way through). Could have done with this years ago when I first started using LR. On two fronts the first section has been very useful:
    – It has given me confidence that I’m using LR reasonably OK e.g. file structure ( I sequentially number all my files but only up to 51k so far over 10 years so not near your volumes).
    – I have learnt lots of new stuff e.g. getting rid of LR created folders, Importing directly to LR (did do it via a PC folder first then imported), Ctrl A, Paint Icon to name but a few.

    Might comment on future sections if that is OK with you.

    Thank you and have a good day.

    1. Nice to see not only another Brit on BCG, but a neighbour! Greetings from Essex.

  2. For Mac users I personally highly recommend Carbon Copy ( not only for backing up your remote photos drive automatically to one or more backup drive(s) but also for your primary hard disk backup. For the primary hard drive backup CC keeps a fully bootable disk completely synched with your hard drive so recovery in case of a total hard disk failure (rare, but it does happen) is extremely easy to recover from. Don’t ask me how I know…. 🙂

    For the quantity of images that you take I can completely understand why you manually copy them as the backups from your 60TB main drive will certainly span multiple remote backup disks. I hadn’t thought of doing them that way but I’ll do so when I reach that point!

  3. Hi Steve, I also use Backblaze. My question is that since I have added a new SSD disk for LRcc only will Backblaze pick up on that new drive?

    I also have a 6TB back up disk that is running out of space which I never thought it would. It is warning me that it may start removing old backups in order to have enough space for new backups. What would be your recommendation for remedy. Get a replacement and keep old backup drive for possible use at a later date or let the current backup continue to erase old backups.

    Thanks, Dale

    1. I think it will – you can verify what BB is backing up by looking under the preferences > settings area. My understanding is that it will backup everything unless you tell it not to.

      As for the 6TB backup – I’m nit sure what backup you are running If it’s Time Machine, I don’t see an issue removing old backups – I think you’re just losing versioning info and you’ll see have the current versions of all your files. However, I don’t use regular backup software so make sure you verify this.

  4. I don’t have a huge amount of photos I;ve taken over the years. I probably have no more than 16K photos in the 17 years I;ve been shooting DSLR. I keep it simple. I have my photos and catalogue imported into LR classic, by year, month, and name of shoot. I use 2 identical WD 4TB pocket drives for storage of images and catalog. I import directly from the SD and/or XQD card(s) into Lightroom, copy to the first drive, and make a simultaneous copy to the second drive. I do Not keep my photos on my computer hard drive. That makes it simpler for me. I never have copied to a second set of drives to keep off site, although I will admit that;s a great idea, and will definitely do this, just in case of disaster. Due to the relatively small size of my photo library, this works well for me. Michael

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