Bonus Video – Lightroom Catalogs On The Road (25:26)

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6 thoughts on “Bonus Video – Lightroom Catalogs On The Road (25:26)

  1. Can a PC read/use a catalog built with a mac? I have both systems.

    1. Hi Steve –

      Honestly, I don’t know for sure, I’ve never tired it. I’m including to say yes since it’s just a file, however, I would recommend a test-drive first to make sure.

  2. I am impressed with this set of videos! I find that sometimes the hardest part in understanding the capabilities and limitations of software is understanding “what and how can something be done” with the software. You have made many of the “What and How things can be done” very clear. Thank you

  3. Hi Steve, my laptop hard drive is only 128 GB; so, I retained your second solution in the video but I want to understand: I already have a copy of Lightroom in my laptop which I used for a previous course (my main catalog is on my primary computer ); after deleting the catalog in the laptop, do I have to simply copy the Lightroom version inside my external hard drive I will use for my next trip? If it’s the case, how to do that?

    Thank’s again!

  4. Steve – wow – this video was the best ever. This totally solved the problem I was having taking my secondary PC on the road – and I couldn’t understand why my edits weren’t getting carried over. It really wasn’t obvious I had to save and then import a CATALOG. Yikes! Well it works great and is saving me plenty of time.

  5. Excellent video series! But it is a lot of information to absorb. Until I get more comfortable working with with Lightroom, I think I’ll just save my (laptop) Lightroom data to xmp sidecar files. Then I’ll just copy the images to a folder on an external hard drive and import them into Lightroom on my desktop in the normal fashion.

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