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  1. Hello Steve and Rose,
    Thanks a lot for working hard to get this to the aspiring photographers. I have downloaded all of the videos(I have a gigabit connection) and have watched couple of videos. It looks really good for the novice as well as experts who want to brush up their knowledge. Your videos are very easy to follow and understand. I hope you are working on a similar one for Photoshop. I do a lot of wildlife photography and visit Kenya and Tanzania once a year. I want to expand the range of my travels to Costa Rica and Ecuador including Galapagos to capture images of the wildlife. I hope to go on one of your South America workshops in the future.

    1. Keep getting “access denied”….I can watch on line, however. 🤔

      1. When do you get the access denied message?

  2. For future courses of is length would it be possible for you to create 3 or 4 large zip files instead of the 30+ zip files in the current course? I like to be able to view a course like this at my leisure without being dependent on an internet connection. This requires downloading all of the modules and downloading 3 or 4 large files would be much simpler than downloading the 30+ individual files included in this course.

    Please keep up your good work in providing knowledgeable, easy to understand, reasonably priced eBooks and videos.

    Steve Schwartz

    1. Sadly, I can’t do it that way. The thing is, the first video course we had (noise reduction) allowed for the complete series to download all at once. It’s around 5GB or so I think. We had constant issues with people trying to download it and the download failing. This was usually when they had a slower internet connection (remember, we sell worldwide). We host on Amazon S3 so the data infrastructure on our end is incredibly robust, however we can’t control the user end. The big problem is we are charged for every single GB of downloaded data – even if the download failed. So, if someone with this course would try to download the 20+ GB all at once and get 19GB of it – and time out or fail – we’d still be charged for the 19GB. And then they do it again and again – sometimes dozens of times before just trying one video at a time. The overhead is too expensive / risky and we’d have to charge a lot more for the courses.

  3. The size of the courses is great as it is now.
    I live “in the middle of nowhere” in Vietnam. Normally the internet-speed is OK, but often it lowers or it’s gone. At the moment there are problems with an undersea cable. The result was yesterday that the download of email attachments happend in steps of 2-5 kB.
    This uncertainty is the reason I download all my courses, so I am not depending on internet.

  4. Hi Steve, I have a QNAP NAS Raid 5. I also have an iMac pro with 2.3 GHz 18 core intel xeon W and LR is still super slow to access photos. Do you have any idea why? I love your teaching skill and videos.
    Thank you,

    1. Out of curiosity, is the catalog on the NAS? Usually Lightroom won’t let it work like that, but if it is, that may be the slowdown. The first suggestion I always have when someone has a speed issue is to put the Lightroom catalog on the computer’s hard drive and see if that helps.

      1. The catalog is on my internal hard drive.
        Thank you,

        1. In that case, I’d suggest taking a look at this link from Adobe. There are a lot of good suggestions that may help:

          1. Thank you…I will look at it now

  5. Steve do you have a list of LR keyboard shortcuts posted somewhere or can you point me in the right direction to obtain one?
    David Allen

  6. Hi I have just bought the Lightroom course, how do I view the videos?

    1. Thanks for the purchase!
      You can download them from this page or go to the main course menu and click individual videos to watch online.

  7. Hi Steve, I am so excited to start this course. I decided to download it first as I learn by doing and wanted to go back and refer if needed. I bought a separate external hard drive to store it. I’m downloaded to unit 25 and then the rest aren’t letting me download. I’m getting error messages. Any thoughts on how to get units 26- the bonus episodes? Thank you.

    1. There’s a time limit per session to prevent link sharing, etc. If you refresh the page, that should do it. If not, log out, shut down your browser, and then log back in. That will do it for sure.

      1. Thank you! That did work. I’ve watched the first three videos. You are a wonderful teacher!

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