Video 9 – File Handling Panel (12:46)

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3 thoughts on “Video 9 – File Handling Panel (12:46)

  1. LR has technology that attempts to prevent importing of duplicates. It also has technology that allows changing file names on import. So… it seems fair to assume that when LR attempts to identify potential duplicates it uses something other than the file name.

    Question: I think I may have some duplicates in my catalog. Does LR provide a tool that would allow me to search my catalog for, and identify, suspected duplicates that can be run outside of the import process?

    1. I use an app called Duplicate Photo Cleaner. It compare photos or sections of photos (in case of cropping) and allows you to view the suspected duplicated and move or delete them. I believe it also allows you to search via Lightroom catalog as well as the hard drive.

  2. Still do not understand what the advantage of a side car gets me. I believe it also uses more drive space.
    If I want to get an image to jPeg, I simply cause it happen. Certainly do not need every image I import to also store a jPeg image.


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