Video 9 – File Handling Panel (12:46)

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7 thoughts on “Video 9 – File Handling Panel (12:46)

  1. LR has technology that attempts to prevent importing of duplicates. It also has technology that allows changing file names on import. So… it seems fair to assume that when LR attempts to identify potential duplicates it uses something other than the file name.

    Question: I think I may have some duplicates in my catalog. Does LR provide a tool that would allow me to search my catalog for, and identify, suspected duplicates that can be run outside of the import process?

    1. I use an app called Duplicate Photo Cleaner. It compare photos or sections of photos (in case of cropping) and allows you to view the suspected duplicated and move or delete them. I believe it also allows you to search via Lightroom catalog as well as the hard drive.

  2. Still do not understand what the advantage of a side car gets me. I believe it also uses more drive space.
    If I want to get an image to jPeg, I simply cause it happen. Certainly do not need every image I import to also store a jPeg image.


  3. Steve, I heard a bird photographer said to set image quality to vivid, so he could see the preview he wanted in Lightroom. (he shoot Raw, and put image quality to vivid with +6 sharpening…)
    Do you recommend that too?

    1. I don’t know, I guess if you prefer the look of vivid (I don’t) and what to see it as the embedded preview you can. Of course, unless you have it set otherwise, once you get to the Develop module it’s going to display as Adobe Standard by default.

      The biggest problem with adding sharpening like that to an already contrasty image is that it can give you a false sense of if you have the image in the field. You may pop off a shot, check sharpness, and decide you can move on. However, by pumping up sharpness / contrast you may discover when you get back to the computer it’s not quite as good as you thought.

      In addition a contrasty preset like Vivid will show clipping far before it actually happens in the RAW file.

      Honestly, I keep mine at the defaults in camera and it’s worked for me for well over 15+ years now.

  4. Hi Steve, around the 9:00 minute mark you talk about editing on the road. I guess you can only do this if your catalogue is on the laptop for example, not on your raid drive as discussed earlier. Is this a reason not to have the catalogue on the raid, but on the laptop hard drive?

    1. I use a temp file on the road that is merged with my main catalog once I get home. There’s a video in the series that goes over it, I think towards the end.

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