Video 10 – File Renaming (10:21)

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17 thoughts on “Video 10 – File Renaming (10:21)

  1. I tend to include the out of camera filename, only because I’m using 4 x bodies including 2 x identical models. I’ve got a unique filename set up in each camera so by using the filename I can easily identify which camera an image was shot with.
    Loving the series and learning loads!

    1. you can sort by camera in lightroom without worrying about filename

    2. you can sort by camera body in lightroom without worrying about filename

  2. Steve So far the best I’ve ever experienced

  3. If photos are imported from a hard drive, will this process rename the files on the HD?

    Good series!

    1. It only can rename if you’re moving them to a new location, not if your just adding.

  4. I take photos of rescue dogs and want a way to recall the names of dogs. Would I be better to use the rename tab and change text to Rover, etc or use the keyword area?

    1. Keywords for sure. File renaming should be just more of a wide-ranging way to organize, keywords are better for specifics.

  5. My understanding is that in the ‘Numbering’ panel the numbers shown in the parentheses of each option indicates how many digits are allowed. Is that correct?

    If so, what happens if the number of images imported exceeds the amount of digits allowed as shown in the parentheses?

    For example, if ‘image # (01)’ is selected (which means only 2 digits are allowed, correct?) and there are 100 images imported, what will happen after it displays ’99’ ? Will it reset to ’01’ and start incrementing again from there (like how the image count increments on Nikon cameras)?

    1. Yes, it will restart the numbering. However, it won’t overwrite, so it would be 01-1 on the next round.

      1. Got it! Thanks for the clarification, Steve.

  6. Steve — Excellent videos so far.
    I think file naming could use some improvement.
    1. First it is my understanding that if you re-name while importing that Lightroom deletes the original camera filename and it cannot be recovered. This could become important if you made a major mistake or had to recover from a Lightroom Library failure. I think it is better to rename if necessary in the Library module and not on import so as to maintain the original filename in the Lightroom data.
    2. I like a file naming system that will sort chronologically regardless of the camera used or the camera counter reset function. Maybe some people don’t need to see photos in the order they were shot, but for me it is crucial.

    1. That’s why we have so many options 🙂

      For me personally, neither of the two points you make matter that much. I keep individual trips in folders and don’t really care at all about having the original file names. I do use folders with dates for specific years, but beyond that, I don’t care about the order of those folders (and the files are easy enough to sort by sate in the Library).

      However, that doesn’t mean the way I do it is right for you. That’s why throughout the video series I constantly mention that I’m showing you how things work – but things that work for me (or others) may not be right for you 🙂 The reason Lightroom offers so many choices is because not everyone fits into the same pigeonhole or is wired the same way. We all have different ways of sorting and organizing that work for us, I’m just here to show you how to use the tools.

      1. Lightroom does preserve the original camera file name. It is found in the LIbrary module, under Metadata. I change file names on import. The Metadata tab lists the changed file name and also the “Preserved File Name” which is the camera name given when the image was captured.

  7. Your instructions or so clear and helpful.

  8. I am enjoying the videos Steve and I am sure I will go over these several times. All very good information. Nice work!

  9. LrC The only two import panels I have showing are “File Handling”and “Apply during import” no panel for File Renaming etc. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Jim Hill

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