Video # 4 – Advanced Blending And Sharpening Techniques

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4 thoughts on “Video # 4 – Advanced Blending And Sharpening Techniques

  1. Hi Steve. Great course. Finally, I understand the sliders for sharpening/detail in Lightroom and how best to use them. Examples you chose clearly show how to reduce the noise in our images especially where we have to use a higher ISO to get the shot. Then how to use photoshop to enhance its younger brother, Lightroom.
    Looking forward to your next Lightroom Video.

  2. Hi Steve. Great course. I came from using CS 6 to now latest Photoshop CC and Lr and your explanation helped a lot !! I could upgrade quite some pictures who had too much noise.
    Thanks Phily

  3. Thank you this was a great course! ☺️

  4. Great course Steve, so much info, I might take a while to get it but like you said, practise. Thanks

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