Bonus Materials

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12 thoughts on “Bonus Materials

  1. Unfortunately the link for the Photoshop actions is missing.

    1. My apologies – new system. I’ve added the link.

  2. Great information Steve. I took notes because I’m old and slow but good information. I’ll be watching this again several times until I get it. Thanks again.

  3. IMHO, this 5mins ACR “bonus” is already worth the fee for the entire course. Impatient to discover the rest (didn’t say understand, nor apply and master …)

  4. Thank you! Really good information esp for those of us with a f5.6 lens that like to still shoot in low light. 🙂

  5. Really good advice Steve, I never think about other peoples monitors and always thought they would see “what I see” on mine. Terrific actions, thank you. Bought your noise reduction course and would recommend it to any and every one.

    1. Thanks!!!

  6. Cant wait to dive in. Your video productions are awesome. I prefer video over text , though I have also enjoyed your books.
    Wish list would be a detailed video of the Nikon D810.

    Keep on doing great work.


  7. Hi Steve,

    Great stuff and great tutorial. Keep on with the marvellous work! Re photoshop lots of people are intimidated by the complexity of that application. Will you release anything to show the most important features?


    1. Thanks!

      I’m not sure. Post-processing doesn’t seem as popular as my other offerings. However, I may do some kind of basic Photoshop video series down the road. It’s certainly something I’ve thought about.

  8. Steve, I really have enjoyed the videos, I hope that I can return to them as needed because my ole brain didn’t catch it the first time enough to hold it all. The whole process of reducing noise and layering in photoshop is the part that I am new too. You did a good job of demo the process and I hope that I can salvage more photos through your processes.
    Thanks Again

    1. Thanks so much – and yes – you can watch them as many times as you like. 🙂

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