Video 12 – Destination Panel (13:24)

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7 thoughts on “Video 12 – Destination Panel (13:24)

  1. Good afternoon Steve,
    After one week, here where I am in the workshop; until now, very clear explanations; I learned a lot; sometimes some difficulties to find my way (PC versus MAC); for example, during import processus, in the destination menu, I am unable to have access to a dialog box with a case ”New folder”; instead, when I press + and New folder, I obtain a dialog box with only the possibility of selecting and not creating a folder???
    May be, in my case, it’s preferable to create this new folder before importing (Folder + in the left panel).


    1. Yes, in that case, just create a new folder outside of Lightroom and select it 🙂

    2. Christian
      I am also a Windows user (Windows 10) and experienced the exact same issue with creating sub folders with the + button. I went down the path of creating the folder outside light room, but I have found it much easier to use the checkbox into Sub-folder this method works perfectly in windows.

  2. O MY GOD: I think I finally understand importing now. I have read books, watched videos but never really understood what I was doing. Great job Steve.

  3. If you use “embedded and sidecar” preview with Nikon cameras…is the preview bigger, smaller or similar size to Standard. Also, I know you will look at Smart Previews in the Develop course but what is the size of the Smart Preview compared to Standard and 1:1? Thanks!

    1. It should be bigger – but – remember that Standard is based on your monitor resolution too, so, in theory, it could be close to the same size.

  4. What am i going to do if i already have previous saved files by year? Do I use Add instead of Copy?

    I have started LR 2 years ago, stopped using because i was so confused with these folders, and not sure where was the good place to save the LR photos. Currently all my LR folders are on the desktop (because i was told computer worked faster this way). But my photos are in my external drive. I have a lot of phots, not necessary good ones. I do want to use my G-drive for the LR photos, not on my desktop.

    What is a better way to do this? Start a new Cat? New LR photo folder? Then what do I do with the older folders?

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