Video #2 – Basic Lightroom Noise Reduction Techniques

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6 thoughts on “Video #2 – Basic Lightroom Noise Reduction Techniques

  1. I’ve enjoyed all your books and I am thoroughly enjoying this video. US presentation is very different to UK (European) presentation but you bridge the two extremely well. I also viewed your lecture in Chicago which again was up to your usual standard. I don’t know whether it is coming in Video 4 but it would be useful to know where in the processing workflow sharpening and noise reduction should be performed. Thanks again. Jim UK.

  2. Why not use something such as the radial filter to isolate the areas you want to sharpen rather than having it applied to the entire photo?

    1. Hey Steve, never mind – you answered my question in the next video (#3)!

  3. WOW! Clear explanations! (pun intended!)

  4. Do you have a rule of thumb for which you apply first? Would you generally apply sharpening before Noise or Noise before Sharpening? I understand that not all photos will follow a strict order, but in geneal do you prefer to use one before the other? Thanks!

    1. Normally, take care of noise first, but in Lightroom it doesn’t really matter since it’s non-destructive and you can “dance” between the settings with the sliders.

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