Video 1 – Intro (3:42)

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15 thoughts on “Video 1 – Intro (3:42)

  1. I have just started to watch and so far, not surprisingly, Steve does a very good job explaining LR (viewing the getting started videos).

    The one thing I find lacking is that the downloaded videos do not include his table of contents and notes. I plan to watch these off line and having to go back to the website for each video to get the notes is a royal pain in the a**. It would have been much more helpful if the notes and table of contents were included with the download.

    1. All set – Check out the first module – it now has a centralized download area – with a PDF table of contents available 🙂

  2. I agree 100% with richfisher’s comments. I plan to download and watch at my cabin which has unreliable and slow internet access. Can you make a download of the Master TOC available? Copy & Paste into a Word document gives me an unpleasant black background.

    1. Check out the first module – it now has a centralized download area – with a PDF table of contents available 🙂

      1. Thank you! Very helpful… and I really appreciate the Master TOC.

  3. I would like to download the entire course at one time and be able to watch it without being logged into the internet. There are times when I do not have internet availability.

    1. Check out the first module – it now has a centralized download area – with a PDF table of contents available 🙂

  4. Steve – I am very impressed with your down-to earth teaching style. I use LR classic all the time and you have added lots of tips and illumed lttle corners of LR that I did not know existed. Thank you. I am glad to see that you are enjoying the wildlife photography we have to offer in Africa. Best wishes Mike

  5. Where is the list of units that I can use to get to a unit video?

  6. Trying to watch the videos on my Kindle fire, unfortunately the videos are buffering very badly making it impossible to watch. Anyone else having trouble watching

    1. This is usually caused by heavy network traffic / ISP traffic. We host our online videos with Vimeo, so it’s a fairly robust service. Most of the time, just trying later is a good way to go.

      1. Hi Steve, I’ve tried at all different times over the last few days and still having no luck. I am able to view other videos you have posted in the past and am able to watch you tube ext with no problem. Tia Bryan

        1. One other thing I am able to watch ok on my phone and laptop, but wanted to view on my Kindle so I could watch at the same time as using Lightroom on my laptop.

  7. HI Steve,
    Just starting out to try and master LR, slow for me as I am rather senior in years, but my question is, I have the Adobe Photoshop sub with all the apps etc on, but I have 2 versions of LR, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic, so of the two versions which do you use and or recommend or are they both the same.
    BTW many thanks for all the other tips, tricks and videos they have helped me improve many aspects of my photography since moving from film to digital.
    Kind regards Steve B.

    1. For the course (and in general) I recommend Lightroom Classic. It’s the current desktop version and is the most capable Lightroom ever. 🙂

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